• 20 Apr 2016 2:52 PM | Emma Lythgoe (Administrator)
    General Assembly 2016

    According to the statutes article 11.3 the Board announces the Annual General Assembly (AGA) 2016. The 22nd Ordinary General Assembly of EARMA, will be held on the 20th of June 2016 17.00-­18.00 at Kulturens Hus, Lulea in conjunction with our Annual Conference. To find out more about the range of opportunities to get involved in EARMA for the benefit of your professional career and of course for EARMA, please take a look at the agenda and see how you can contribute. 

    This announcement includes calls for;

    EARMA Board members (3 and up to two substitutes),

    1. Internal Auditors, (1)

    2. members of the Annual Conference Committee

    3. members of Professional Development Working Group

    4. members of the ERA Working Group

    5. For the hosting of the Annual Conference 2019

    6. By-laws

    7. Proposals for the General Assembly:

    According to the statutes, GA documents shall be available with at least 14 days notice. That means that the deadline for proposals shall be received by the Board not later than 27th May 2016 to be published on the website 3rd June 2016.

    All communication, suggestions and applications shall be sent to the Board: – not later than 27th May 2016

    Please follow the guidelines set forth in the agenda.

  • 14 Apr 2016 7:46 AM | John Donovan (Administrator)

    Today, at its 1st European Research Summit, EARMA is launching its opening contribution to the H2020 midterm review which is getting underway.

    EARMA very positively supports H2020 and welcomes many of the enhancements in H2020 over previous framework programmes. EARMA is delighted to contribute to the ongoing discussions around the development of H2020 and, following an extensive consultation among its members, makes a series of recommendations that it feels support the programme, will make it more attractive and improve the outcomes for all H2020 stakeholders.

    EARMA is not alone in this and we recognise and acknowledge that several other representative organisations are also doing the same thing. EARMA accepts that many of these organisations such as LERU, Coimbra, EARTO and our own Sister Professional Associations in Europe and elsewhere, to name a few, make many of the same recommendations.

    Find the paper here 

    #EARMA_Midterm' #EARMA_ERS2016

  • 05 Apr 2016 8:01 AM | Emma Lythgoe (Administrator)

    Dear colleagues,

    We are writing in order to invite you to take part in the Research Data Management Readiness survey, that has been compiled as part of the LEARN (LEaders Activating Research Networks) Project ( funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

    The survey is addressed to research institutions such as yours that are currently facing the challenges of research data management (RDM) whether or not you have developed a strategy and/or policy. The survey reviews the existence of a policy as well as the establishment of services to help researchers in the management of their data. It also questions the existence of infrastructures and models of cost at your institution. Moreover, the survey remarks on the need for the creation of new roles and the organization of training sessions in order to build awareness and to steward researchers with their data. As a result, the hope is that it will allow you to assess the level of readiness your institution towards research data management, diagnose your current situation and be able to identify gaps and areas for further action.

    The survey has just thirteen multiple choice questions and should take less than 5 minutes to complete. The answers gathered by the online survey will be collected by the LEARN Project partners and will be analysed in order to get a down-to-earth picture of the current situation at different research institutions particularly across Europe, Latin America but also beyond. The outcomes will influence the development of the RDM toolkit, one of the main goals of the LEARN project.

    The survey will be available on line throughout the lifetime of the LEARN Project so that it can be taken as many times as wished, and thereby it will allow you and us to analyse the evolution of RDM practice across institutions over time. We guarantee that your privacy is protected, as no personal information is required. Survey data will be released anonymously on our website under an open content license encouraging anyone to reuse it.

    We encourage you to take the survey and thank you in advance for your time and contribution. Any further questions can be addressed to

    Please feel free to share this invitation with colleagues as widely as possible as we are keen to get a high level of responses.

    Registration for the 2016 LIBER Conference in Helsinki, Finland is open! Click to register.

    Gema Bueno de la Fuente

    EU Projects Officer

    LIBER - Ligue des Bibliothèques Européennes de Recherche


    T:  +31 (0)70 314 0704

    M: +31 (0)6 2999 0366

    skypeID: gemabueno

    twitter: gema_bueno

  • 11 Feb 2016 8:20 AM | Emma Lythgoe (Administrator)

    Dear Members,

    We would like to notify you that we have just received the 2016 Brochure for the International Management Courses provided by Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT).

    Every year Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) offers a price reduction for EARMA members.

    Kind regards,


    Emma Lythgoe

    EARMA Secretariat

  • 12 Oct 2015 7:07 PM | Emma Lythgoe (Administrator)

    Call for consultancy: EARMA Academy Feasibility Study

    The EARMA General Assembly (GA), held at Leiden in June 2015, mandated the EARMA Board to establish the EARMA Academy (EA). The EA will be the delivery vehicle for all EARMA training and Professional Development Programme (PDP).

    As part of the EA establishment process, EARMA wishes to conduct a 6 month feasibility project that will identify and describe the requirement for the EA, propose a sustainable, long-term, business model for the EA and systematise a marketing plan for the delivery of EARMA training and the PDP.

    Currently, EARMA offers a range of training programmes and 2 ATHE certified professional development certificates (the European Certificate in Research Administration (CRA) and the European Certificate in Research Management (CRM)) a third programme is in development. 

    EARMA is now looking for a consultant to research and advise on the establishment of the EA as a sustainable, long-term delivery vehicle for the Association’s training and PDP. 

    To find out more please see CALL - THE EARMA ACADEMY20151012.pdf.

  • 07 Oct 2015 7:49 AM | Emma Lythgoe (Administrator)

    EARMA Qualification information for Line Managers

    EARMA qualifications are designed to help students consolidate their knowledge and skills required to be successful research managers and administrators.

    Students build on research support knowledge whilst collaborating with their peers. They study a combination of mandatory and optional units, taking examples from their day-to-day work, which allows them to utilize their newly acquired knowledge straight away and apply to current work projects.

    As Line Manager you might be also interested to know...

    What will your staff gain from the qualification?

    On achievement of the qualifications, students will be able to:

    • Practise effectively within their professional context.
    • Describe, analyse and signpost their professional competence.
    • Take responsibility for their professional learning.
    • Demonstrate an informed awareness of strategic operational issues that affect them, their practice and their institution.

    How is the qualification regulated?

    The programme is delivered in collaboration with ARMA-UK and accredited by ATHE.  The qualifications are fully recognised by Ofqual and regulated through the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) aligned to the European Framework. It is suitable for full-time or part-time employees, as students chose their own pace and order at which they submit assignments.

    How to get started?

    We would be happy to provide you with more details on the application process, course structure and fees, participation requirements. Please contact us and talk to the Professional Development Programme Administrator to discuss your study preferences and how to get started. Or visit our website


  • 17 Sep 2015 5:38 PM | Emma Lythgoe (Administrator)

    Call for EARMA Board member

    (Deadline for application 22nd October 2015)

    You are hereby invited to submit your candidature to become an EARMA Board member. Board members are elected for a two-year period, and shall be willing to take on the responsibility to carry out the goals of the Association as set forth by the members on the General Assembly.

    The work of the Board is defined in the Statutes article 13.

    You should provide

    a) A short – not more than one page – description of your background, motivation and commitment to become a Board member

    b) A written, signed letter of commitment from your home institution/organisation

    We are looking for an EARMA member who is an experienced research manager and administrator and specific experience in the following areas would be welcome, though not essential:

    European Research Policy

    Strategic Planning


    Professional Development

    Financial and organisational management

    All members of the Board will be acting on a voluntary basis.

    Please e-mail your application (maximum of 2, A4 pages) to before 22nd October 2015.

    Below find a “fact-box” on the work in the Board:

    As a Board member, you should be ready to engage in the following activities:

    Every two weeks a 2-hour telemeeting of the Board, 4-5 face-to-face two day Board meetings, participation in and contribution to the EARMA events (approx2-3 per year), participation in and contribution to the Annual Conference. Represent EARMA towards other associations. Take the responsibility for Board activities, such as campaigns, lobbying or other initiatives. Finally you are expected to take responsibility in the Board, together with other Board members, for at least one EARMA working group.

    For further information please contact John Donovan EARMA Chair


  • 13 Sep 2015 6:17 PM | Emma Lythgoe (Administrator)

    EARMA Academy - Student Interview

    EARMA is back after the summer break with exciting news and updates! Let's start September month with this Student Interview produced by our partner association ARMA-UK.

  • 07 Jun 2015 4:02 PM | Emma Lythgoe (Administrator)

    Senior Manager - Research Programmes, UCD Research and Innovation (Temporary)

    Applications are invited for a temporary, 5-year post as Senior Manager - Research Programmes with UCD Research and Innovation.

    The research funding environment has developed significantly in the last number of years. Today’s landscape is categorised by large, complex centre grants that span disciplines, a growing emphasis on international and industry funding sources and increased competition in the research funding environment nationally and internationally. This role will lead a team of experts in the areas of national, international and people-focused funding. This will incorporate activities previously spread through the Institutes and Programmes Team, the EU Team and Research Services Team. The manager will play a leadership role in the Research & Innovation organisation and will be responsible for designing an enhanced service delivery model to ensure UCD’s competitiveness in securing external funding. In addition, they will need to expand the service offering to support UCD’s growing funding level and diversity and in particular will support a significant increase in UCD’s drawdown of funding from the EU.

    2010 (2013) SAO3 Salary: €68,782 - €95,616 p.a.

    2011 (2013) SAO3 Salary: €65,000 - €86,255 p.a.
    Appointment will be made on scale and in accordance with the Department of Finance guidelines

    Closing Date: 17:00 GMT on 19 June 2015

    • Applications must be submitted by the closing date and time specified. Any applications which are still in progress at the closing time of 17:00 GMT on the specified closing date will be cancelled automatically by the system. UCD are unable to accept late applications.
    For further information please click here.

  • 28 Apr 2015 7:15 PM | Emma Lythgoe (Administrator)

    EARMA General Assembly 29 June 2015 - Leiden, The Netherlands 17.30 – 18.30             

    The 21st Ordinary General Assembly of EARMA, will be held on the 29th of June 2015 17.30-­‐18.30 at Leiden University in conjunction with our Annual Conference.To find out more about the range of opportunities to get involved in EARMA for the benefit of your professional career and of course for EARMA, please take a look at the agenda and see how you can contribute.There are the following calls:-­‐  

    - EARMA Chair
    - EARMA Board members
    - Auditors
    - members of the Annual Conference Committee
    - members of Professional Development Working Group
    - members of the ERA Working Group
    - For the hosting of the Annual Conference 2017

    According to the statutes, GA documents shall be available with at least 14 days notice. That means that the deadline for proposals shall be received by the Board not later than 1st June to be published on the website by the 14th of June 2015.

    All communication, suggestions and applications shall be sent to the Board: – not later than 1st June 2015


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Advanced Training Centre (FTU)
Research Professional is  EARMA’s Official Media Sponsor. 


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