EARMA's Open Lecture Access Forums (OLAF) 

What is it?

An EARMA Open Access Lecture Forum is an event when a presenter from an EARMA Annual Conference – or any EARMA event – repeats the presentation, seminar or workshop at a separate event in a local, regional or national research environment. 

EARMA’s Annual Conferences (AC’s) are popular and well-attended events that attract hundreds of participants from all over Europe, and the world. Presentations at the AC’s generally receive positive evaluations, and presenters invest substantial effort into preparing the sessions.

However, most research administrators in Europe cannot attend every EARMA AC, due to for example financial constraints, workload, or conflicting events. To extend the reach and positive effects of the highly successful AC’s, EARMA has launched a program supporting EARMA members to invite AC contributors to present in the local environments.


The overarching goals of the EARMA OLAF Program are:

  1. Increasing the reach and effect of AC’s;
  2. Extending the activities of EARMA beyond AC’s, board, and working groups;
  3. Increasing the value and advantages of EARMA membership, thereby;
  4. Providing additional incentive for joining EARMA and promoting growth of the association;
  5. Increased incentives for presenting at, and attending EARMA AC’s.

How it works

An Open Lecture Access Forum is a collaboration between 3 contributing partners:

B. The Host
C. The Presenter

A. EARMA’s support consists of:

  1. A financial contribution (grant) covering the travel cost of the presenter (max grant is 1000€);
  2. Guidelines for organising an EARMA OLAF event, including branding to ensure EARMA’s role is acknowledged;
  3. Web pages describing:
    a. The EARMA OLAF Program;
    b. Links to the AC presentations of presenters who are available in the program.
  4. Announcing each event at EARMA’s web pages and other relevant communications channels.

B. The Host is an EARMA member, institutional or individual, who wishes to organise an Open Lecture Access Forum.

The benefits of being a host are:
  • A cost-effective way to provide professional development, staff training, and capacity building at an international level;
  • A unique opportunity to strengthen and consolidate the institution's profile at regional, national, and European levels;
  • Contributing to strengthening the host's research activities through improved research support, thereby increasing the host's competitiveness for research funding.
The Host’s contribution consists of:
  1. Initiating the process, by contacting the Presenter and acquiring acceptance.
  2. Organising the local logistics – if relevant together with the local/national RMA association – including meeting room, lodging and food for the presenter, and announcing the event together with EARMA.
  3. Submitting the application (see guidelines below) to EARMA’s Board.
  4. After the Board has approved the proposal, to announce and organise the event.
  5. After the completed event to submit a brief report (template will be provided by EARMA) to EARMA’s Board for publication on web pages, EARMA’s Newsletter etc.
  6. The events are open but you may not charge EARMA members to attend, you may charge others.
  7. You should invite all your local EARMA members to attend.

The Presenter’s contribution consists of:

  1. Announcing his or her availability within the program on EARMA’s web pages.
  2. Contributing to organising the event together with the Host.
  3. Carry out the Open Lecture Access Forum.

Applying to organize an EARMA-OLAF

EARMA members interesting in organising an OLAF should submit a Letter of Interest (LoI) to EARMA's Board. A LoI can be submitted at any time, but must be sent to EARMA not less than 2 months before the intended OLAF. The LoI must include information about:
  • The host; address and contact information of the hosting institution or organisation, or the individual EARMA member proposing the OLAF, including the EARMA membership number. 
  • The presenter; who it is, how she or he qualifies, and confirmation that this individual accepts being a presenter.
  • Logistics, including:
    • Date when the event is to be held.
    • Venue: where the event will be held.
    • Audience: expected number of participants, target audience (if applicable)
    • Conditions: for example, whether or not the event will be open to external participants (i.e. not from the organising institution or organisation).
    • Estimated travel costs for the presenter, i.e. the size of the requested contribution from EARMA. Travel costs must conform to EARMA’s guidelines for travel (available upon request) and costs must be kept as low as possible within reasonable limits; please contact EARMA’s secretariat for further information.
EARMA’s secretariat will confirm that the application has been received, and may ask for additional information. EARMA will then process the application with an expected normal processing time of 3-5 weeks.

Please contact EARMA if you have questions or need further information.

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