EARMA Leadership in Research Management programme

In EARMA we operate with three target groups:

  1. Research Administrators: Starting/beginners level. Individuals with up to three years of experience in research administration
  2. Research Managers: Individuals with at least four years of experience in research management and administration, gained in several of the areas covered by the units.
  3. Leadership in Research Management: Leaders and future leaders of ‘research offices’, ‘grants offices’ ‘sponsored programmes offices’. This group includes key relevant staff in RPOs and RFOs. Typically, they will have worked in research administration and management for seven years or more and aims to further develop their professional expertise as senior leaders.

On  level 3, Leadership in Research Management, EARMA offers event based courses and seminars. Here, participants will join together with colleagues from outstanding research institutions in Europe. The events offers new knowledge, skills and a valuable network enabling you to tackle some of the most pressing challenges for you as head of a research office.

Previous events:

2016: Leadership in Research: "Meeting the Challenge", 19-20th June 2016 LuleƄ, Sweden (Side event to EARMA Annual Conference)
2017: Leadership in Research: "Delivering Excellent Research and Management", 23-24th April, Valetta, Malta (Side event to EARMA Annual Conference)

Upcoming events:

2018: Leadership in Research, (A side event to EARMA Annual Conference 16-18 April 2018) More info will follow. 

Participants from the 2016 and 2017 events has joined an alumni network. Contact pdpadministrator@earma.org for more info.

The content of Units is being developed by the working group during 2017.  More detailed information will be available shortly.

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Advanced Training Centre (FTU)
Research Professional is  EARMA’s Official Media Sponsor. 


EARMA represents the community of Research Managers and Administrators within Europe. Our members work at the forefront of building the European Research Area.


For any comments, ideas or feedback please contact us earma@earma.org
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