Certificate in Research Management

EARMA's European Certification Programme is validated by the UK Award for Training on Higher Education (ATHE) in accordance with the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) throughout Europe. It has been developed in partnership with ARMA‐UK who provide support services.

The certificates are certified by the ATHE delivered in collaboration with ARMA(UK) on the following European Qualifications Framework (EQF) Level:

      Certificate in Research Management (Europe) (EQF L5)

Who is this qualification for?

The Certificate in Research Management is a fully accredited professional qualification for professional research managers employed in Research Performing Organisations (RPOs) and Research Funding Organisations (RFOs). 


The qualification is awarded in association with ATHE (Awards for Training and Higher Education) and regulated through the Qualifications and Credit framework (QCF) through Europe.

How students benefit from the Certificate?

The Certificate in Research Management is designed to

  • Improve your ability to support excellence in research across the research life-cycle and with different EU funding schemes.
  • Support your development as an effective research manager, benefiting both you and your institution.
  • Deliver opportunities for students to learn new skills and knowledge and enhance their ability to reflect on and plan improvements in their daily activity.
  • Credit students for skills, knowledge and understanding obtained prior to undertaking the qualification as well as for those directly gained through participation in the qualification.
  • Be appropriate for both full-time and part-time staff.
  • Provide you formal recognition, by Ofqual, as a Research Manager which is regulated through the Qualifications and Credit framework (QCF) through Europe

Top up your professionalism!

  • Describe, analyse and signpost your professional competence;
  • Take responsibility for your professional learning;
  • Demonstrate an informed awareness of national, international, institutional and other contexts that affect you, your practice and your institution.

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